An actor, clown, emergency nurse, assistant professor and VP in a large health system, Tim has worked in 23 countries outside of the U.S. He's run 60 marathons, including a handful of ultras and a 100-mile run for fun and fundraising. Plus, he has a deep affinity for rubber chickens. His global experiences have exposed him to both extreme suffering and extreme resilience. Tim has witnessed profound loss and impossible hope. His presentations and workshops pull from an array of variegated experiences that hone in on the core human tenets of resilience and creativity.


From keynotes to commencement remarks, from workshops to lectures and coaching, Tim’s work is interactive and unique. It sticks.

It inspires.  


Key themes include resilience in the toughest settings, self-care that is not selfish care, and the healing power of laughter. 


Keynotes and Presentations

Fostering Connections During Covid: Resilience, Through the Mask


In his keynote series, Tim relates stories of impossible resilience from people he has met over the years.  Experiences working in epidemic settings, refugee camps and the neighborhood emergency department.

Kites, Catastrophe, Laughter and Love.

Whether it's a two-hour corporate workshop on teamwork and self-care or one-on-one sessions focused on speech preparation, Tim will cater to your organizational or individual learning needs.


As a nurse, Tim Cunningham knows what it is and how it feels to care for fellow human beings in crisis. He is also a master storyteller, and the stories he tells take us inside some of the most challenging circumstances people face—life-threatening disease, loss, and hopelessness. Yet his presentations are energizing and deeply  joyful, for Tim lives and radiates the compassion, hope, and resilience he describes in his tales.

Marcia Day Childress / Director, Programs in Humanities/ Center for Biomedical Ethics and Humanities/ University of Virginia

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